05/31/14 – Parlour FC v Beal Bocht (0-2)

On an incredibly windy day Parlour FC met An Beal Bocht in a game were the elements had a real impact on the ball. The match saw skilled play from both sides and both keepers were up to the task. Even with the wind, PFC was unable to score in the first half but not for lack of trying. Midfielder Pearl Odu had some great chances that were so very close to finding the net. At halftime the game was scoreless.

PFC did well in the second half but again could not get on the score sheet. Odu had a masterful blast that bounced of the top of the frame but somehow didn’t cross the goal line. Beal Bocht was able to score two goals, off a set piece and the other during the run of play. Goals for Beal Bocht were from Chanelle Ranglin and Stephanie Bush.

Best for PFC midfielders Pearl Odu and Dinsiri Fikru.

05/10/14 – Parlour FC v Bronx Ale (0-6)

Parlour FC took to the field on a warm Spring morning already a goal down to Bronx Ale House due to a late start waiting on numbers, and continued to play short the rest of the match. BAH tallied two additional goals thanks to Andrea Arnone taking a 3-0 lead at the break.

BAH continued to monopolize possession in the second half as Arone completed her hattrick with a well struck low free kick at the top of the box. PFC did well to break up several attacks never giving despite the score and playing down players, but simply didn’t have the manpower to launch an offense. Two more goals came from Deb Gilwit and Elyse Hanly during the run of play to finish the scoring at 6-0 to seal the win.

PFC’s midfielders: Pearl Odu, Liz Eles, Jane Kenney, and Dinsiri Fikru, played with amazing hustle and grit.

Veteran defender Karen Lindsay had an extraordinary game, earning top honors for PFC.

05/03/14 – NYC United v Parlour FC (5-1)

On a glorious day for soccer in the Bronx (after a week off due to a rainout), Parlour FC met NYC United head on. The game started with an opportunistic goal in front of the goal by United’s Jessie Oram from a cross. Oram snatched a second goal off a header. Before the half, PFC responded with a well struck shot by Pearl Odu to leave it at 2-1 and it was anyone’s game going into the break.

No whining from the PFC crew who played tough soccer down the middle with strong performances from Lucille Charles, Odu and Dinsiri Fikru. Goalie Susan Kistler had another strong game. The next two goals were courtesy of United’s Elise McNalley from out wide and the final goal was from a point blank shot by Sophie Duron from inside the box. The score ended 5-1 three points went to United.

04/12/14 – Parlour FC v Harps (0-6)

A short side Parlour FC faced Harps on a sunny spring morning. With a three player advantage, Harps started strong and convincing. Just three minutes in an initial save on Suzy Malone’s attempt at goal was slotted home by a persistent Joelle Gozlan for the first goal of the match. Harps dominated the rest of the half as PFC gradually added players and were at full strength before the half. Credit to PFC for holding Harps to just one goal going into the break.

The second half saw PFC’s offense spark up. However, the green and white were no match for the powerful Harps who continued to control the play in the second half and precision ball movement by the midfield made it easy work for their own defense. Harps’ second goal resulted when pressure by Malone ended in PFC own goal. Ten minutes later, Malone converted off a throw-in from Samantha Kee to get on the scoreboard. The goal of the game came when Vanessa Greene fed a lovely ball to Casey Sommers on the left wing who sent a bullet of a shot from about 20 yards out into the far upper corner of the net giving the keeper no chance. Aoife West notched one by capitalizing on a defensive mistake by PFC’s keeper making it 5-0. The final goal of the came from Gozlan who cooly tapped in a cross from Kee for her bookend goal. PFC welcomed back Susan Kistler who despite the score had a great game in goal. Robin Grunder and Liz Eles worked remarkably hard the entire game.

Best for Harps: Joelle Gozlan, Suzy Malone and Casey Sommers

04/05/14 – Phoenix v Parlour FC (8-0)

The Parlour Football Club began the spring campaign with a shutout loss to a formidable Phoenix side.  Not much went well for PFC on an incredibly blustery morning. The first half, playing WITH the wind, found them behind five goals to nil.

Surprisingly, against the wind, PFC picked up its collective game and applied some offensive pressure, but  were unable to capitalize. The sustained controlled play of Phoenix netted three more scores in the second half.

Even in defeat, bright spots for PFC emerged; Robin Grunder and Chelsey Harris played strong and showed no let up.

11/09/13 – League Cup Final: Bronx Ale v Parlour FC (3-0)

2012 League Winner Parlour Football Club took on 2013 League Winner Bronx Ale House in the League Cup Championship Final. It was a cold November morning but both teams heated up the pitch for a well played game. The first half saw Bronx Ale bring a sustained and organized offensive attack. Bronx Ale’s Andrea Arnone sent a ball through the midfield to an oncoming Sandra Nilsson who took on and beat PFC keeper Miss Gregory for the first goal of the game. Bronx Ale’s Siobhan Brennan gained possession in the midfield and passed the ball down the wing to Jeanine Rynne who sent the ball into the box to Nilsson at the near post to scored her second goal of the game. Bronx Ale maintained possession and kept the pressure on as Alex Rimmer got on the end of a Mary McEvoy cross and took a 3-0 lead. PFC caught its collective breath and mustered some offense of its own but was unable to convert in the half.

The second half saw a much more organized PFC side. The team worked well on both sides to ramp up the pressure. Bronx Ale responded well and had some promising shots on goal. PFC showed off some wicked defense with new keeper, Jodi Andrews, making a stellar one handed save. Not to be outdone, defender Marjorie Gateau executed a remarkable stop of her own heading a ball off the goal line to save a sure goal. In the end, PFC had their attacking chances but was unable to penetrate the solid defense of Bronx Ale’s Beth Higgins, Elyse Hanley, Laura Mooney and Jill Steinberg with Sue Hannon handling goaltending duties all doing well to stifle the attacks. Bronx Ale kept the clean sheet for a 3-0 victory to take home the 2013 League Cup Championship.

10/26/13 – Beal Bocht v Parlour FC (5-4)

PFC and An Beal Bocht met on a crisp fall day for the final game of the season. PFC had the wind the first half but was only able to capitalize once. Fatou Dibba was able to smartly tuck the ball into the corner after several thwarted attempts due to the excellent keeping of An Beal Bocht’s Liz Lopes.

An Beal Bocht scored an equalizer seconds into the start of the second half; PFC’s keeper, Miss Gregory, was able to make an initial save but a second attempt by Michelle Myaki sailed into the net. PFC stayed focused and the hard working Dibba had a breakaway that ended with a foul from the keeper which resulted in a penalty kick that Chelsey Harris deftly buried in the back of the net. An Myaki again evened the score with a second goal and then took the lead to complete her hattrick. PFC’s Rosa Alba Perez was able to tie the game with a beautiful shot off of a well placed cross from Dibba. An Beal Bocht’s offense was not finished and broke the tie when Myaki added the winner, ending the back and forth seesaw battle.

Best for PFC: Fatou Dibba

10/19/13 – Parlour v Harps (1-3)

Harps kicked off to a first place and short-sided Parlour FC. Harps controlled the first ten minutes of the game with clever passing and solid possession. PFC was soon at full strength and applied pressure with quality ball control and lightning speed. Harps’ newcomer Amy Jackson and Vanessa Greene made penetrating runs up the flanks, while Lili Siegelson was unlucky not to finish a couple of crosses in. Amber Waery easily stepped into multiple positions on the field proving her versatility and value to Harps. PFC’s Fatou Dibba and Pearl Odu were strong on the offensive end; while Debbie Niemes (in her first game), Robin Grunder, Karen Lindsay and Lucille Charles played solid defensively. Congestion in the central midfield on both ends thwarted many chances from both sides and the half ended goalless.

The second half produced more end to end excitement demonstrating the hunger both sides had to earn the points. The first goal came on a pass from Green to Aoife West who saw PFC keeper Miss Gregory off her line and skillfully dropped it right behind her into the back of the net. The goal seemed to light a fire in PFC and they came out strong on the attack pressuring Harps’ defense. PFC earned a corner kick taken by the ever threatening Rosa Alba Perez resulting in a scramble in the six yard box and after some sloppy defending PFC was on the board when Charlene Mc Ateer was able to capitalize with her first goal of the season. Harps answered back when the tireless Suzy Malone fed a ball to Jackson who sent a ball in that looked like a cross from the left corner and found its way into the far side netting, giving her a debut goal. With this renewed confidence, Harps sealed the deal with another assist by Malone to Siegelson to poke in the third and final goal. PFC showed no letup but was unable to counter. Harps take the three points with a final score of 3-1.

Best for Harps: Amy Jackson, Lili Siegelson and Amber Waery

Best for PFC: Pearl Odu and Robin Grunder

10/05/13 – Phoenix v Parlour FC (1-4)

PFC took on a strong short sided Phoenix squad. The game was well played with scoring opportunities for both teams. PFC’s Eliana Tonacatl got the only first half goal on a rebound in front of the net.

The second half had strong play from both sides. PFC scored three goals in the half while holding Phoenix to one by Varina Carey. Scoring for PFC, Liz Eles and in her BISL debut, Chelsey Harris notched two goals. Phoenix’s keeper, Marliese Fath, thwarted multiple attempts by PFC’s offense. Not to be outdone, Marjorie Gateau, PFC’s keeper in the second half, came up big with a diving save on a one on one with a Phoenix forward.

09/28/13 – Parlour FC v McKeon’s (7-0)

PFC welcomed back two of the team’s stalwart players, Chenelle Geoffroy and Andrea Gonzalez, as they took on McKeon’s on a beautiful September morning. McKeon’s came out strong, but PFC quickly settled in with sustained smart passes and solid communication. The first half saw PFC go against recent form and score early. Geoffroy had a stellar homecoming, putting up a hat trick. Liz Eles added a goal before the halftime whistle blew.

By the second half, McKeon’s had a full side and looked to turn up their offensive attack. PFC was able to hold them off and got three more goals; one from Fatou Dibba, one from Gonzalez and the other from Miss Gregory, who was set up by a beautiful assist from Dibba. PFC’s defense had an outstanding game and Gregory and Jodi Andrews combined for a clean sheet.

Best for PFC Chenelle Geoffroy and Karen Lindsey.