05/03/14 – Harps v Beal Bocht

The long anticipated spring weather was more than a welcome setting for the Harps v Beal Bocht match-up. Despite the frantic play, Harps had some threatening attacks but the Beal Bocht goalkeeper Alyssa Bachowski did well to protect her net. Possession was fairly equal between the two sides and with end to end excitement over the first half. The game changed in the last five minutes of the half when Beal Bocht’s Ana Patedjl popped the ball just over the Harps’ keeper Megan Hare where it trickled into the net.

The second half was more of the same attacks and counter attacks from both teams. Beal Bocht pressured the defense who remained solid and forced a few saves by Hare who did well to prevent any further scoring. Harps had their own efforts on goal at the other end but were unsuccessful in converting leaving the score 1-0 with Beal Bocht capturing the three points.

Best for Harps: Erin Cullen, Anastasia Hagan and Vanessa Greene

04/05/14 – McKeon’s v Beal Bocht (1-1)

This was a very well-balanced game.  Both teams took turns attacking as well as defending. Although there were quite a few shots on goal, only one made the net for each team, resulting on a tie.

Best for McKeon’s: Sandra Byrne and Melissa Ryerson

10/26/13 – Beal Bocht v Parlour FC (5-4)

PFC and An Beal Bocht met on a crisp fall day for the final game of the season. PFC had the wind the first half but was only able to capitalize once. Fatou Dibba was able to smartly tuck the ball into the corner after several thwarted attempts due to the excellent keeping of An Beal Bocht’s Liz Lopes.

An Beal Bocht scored an equalizer seconds into the start of the second half; PFC’s keeper, Miss Gregory, was able to make an initial save but a second attempt by Michelle Myaki sailed into the net. PFC stayed focused and the hard working Dibba had a breakaway that ended with a foul from the keeper which resulted in a penalty kick that Chelsey Harris deftly buried in the back of the net. An Myaki again evened the score with a second goal and then took the lead to complete her hattrick. PFC’s Rosa Alba Perez was able to tie the game with a beautiful shot off of a well placed cross from Dibba. An Beal Bocht’s offense was not finished and broke the tie when Myaki added the winner, ending the back and forth seesaw battle.

Best for PFC: Fatou Dibba

10/05/13 – Harps v Beal Bocht

Harps and Beal Bocht scrambled to put together 11 players each before the whistle on an overcast and damp day . Beal Bocht came out storming towards the Harps’ goal and had Harps on the back foot for much of the first half. Harps struggled to maintain possession for any length of time while their opponents had impressive first touches while passing and dribbling with ease. Most of the action played out in Harps’ defensive third, despite Beal Bocht going down an injured player. A misstep on the Harps’ defense in response to a Beal Bocht attack turned into a melee in the box and a well deserved goal, if not a pretty one. Beal Bocht created several threatening shots that went wide before Harps started putting some attacking plays together just before ending the half at 1-0.

In the second half, Beal Bocht was back up to full numbers and Harps came out a different team maintaining a much more balanced share of possession. Several Harps’ attempts on goal were unsuccessful including great efforts by the versatile Ruth Moskowitz and the speedy yet tireless Marie Glennon who on one occasion forced a save by Beal Bocht’s keeper to preserve the lead. Harps’ Vanessa Greene made countless runs up and down the right flank sending over impressive crosses begging for someone to finish while at the other end Jennifer Terranova was solid in Harps’ goal. Harps had an admirable comeback in the second half, but it was just too little, too late and Beal Bocht took home the three points.

Best for Harps: Ruth Moskowitz, Marie Glennon, Jen Terranova

09/28/13 – Beal Bocht v Tigers (6-0)

The Tigers were short players and struggled to adjust with several members having to experiment playing outside of their normal positions. They were unable to present a cohesive challenge in the first half and sacrificed five goals. However, despite losing yet another player in the second half, the Tigers came out with renewed energy and rhythm, keeping An Beal Bocht scoreless for most of the second half.

The Tigers’ Brandy Peltz and Nisha Varia took turns in goal to free up Diane Sit who, along with Teri Chargaulaf and Laura Miller, boosted the midfield. The entire team put in 110% to keep up their energy and cover the field as the second half wound down, especially the defense including Sidney Small, Smiti Nathan, and Amy Wagner.

09/14/13 – Beal Bocht v Phoenix (0-0)

The match-up between Phoenix and Beal Bocht ended all square 0-0. There may not of been any goals scored but there were plenty of chances for both sides, and were it not for some great goalkeeping on both sides there would have definitely been a few goals. This was a very evenly contested game with both defenses under pressure at different points in the game. Beal Bocht have bounced back well from there shaky spring season and will be a tough team in the fall.

09/07/13 – NYC United v An Beal Bocht (2-1)

Holly Crane and Kristina Bonamo controlled United’s offense with only 10 players. Kristina Bonamo opened the game with lots of shots and pressure, keeping Beal Bocht on their heels. Under lots of defensive pressure, Kristina kept the attack ongoing. She broke through early in the game with a nice shot to make it 1-0 United. Isabelle Gil played in goal for the first time, making many saves against the Beal Bocht – who were hungry for goals, and allowing one goal in the second half, tying it up.

Kianoosh Hashemzadeh played a wonderful game and kept the ball in United’s offensive zone. Her endurance made up for the loss of players during the game. Holly Crane and Kristina Bonamo took many hard shots. Leni Kinsli played hard in the first half, but had to leave due to illness bringing the players down to 9. Bianca Fernandez played an awesome game setting up Kristina, unfortunately she lost a toenail and had to leave the match, so then United played with 8! Lillian played her first game ever, and assisted Holly Crane with a long hard shot which just went under the bar from 25 yards!  United went up 2-1.

Defensively Sara Franceschi was a Brick wall on Defense, stopping runs,  making many big headers, and beginning the attack. She did so much to stop the Bocht’ers that  it was like she was everywhere on defense. Stacey Wills played in her first game for United and was a tiger on defense and worked well with the forwards with long passes. Claudia Aguilar played a super game at defense making long kicks and nice dribbling to set up the United attack. Her calm defense helped United’s first game jitters settle down.

One of the biggest stories was the great pressure and many shots by United, and at least 15 shots saved by a wonderful performance by Beal Bocht’s Goalkeeper – she kept them in the game under a barrage of shots, jumping and catching shots with no rebounds, and making big punts which sent the Bocht’s down the field on many attacks!  She was on the ground more than the ball! ha-ha! She was awesome.