10/29/11 – Harps v McKeon’s/Velocity

It seemed the dismal noreaster forecasted was enough encouragement to keep many players at home, as both Harps and McKeons/Velocity (MV) started with the required minimum of seven a side in the freezing rain. Harps started strong with Erin Cullen making several threatening runs up the right wing in her first fall appearance. Falling back into her old patterns, Aoife West stepped on the pitch late, but soon made up for it as she sent in a shot from the left wing beating the keeper on the slick and slippery surface, putting the Harps ahead. Both teams acquired one more player a piece making it 9-Harps v 8-MV. Lili Siegelson came on for Harps up front and did a fine job of harassing their defense. This shifted Ashley Bonnett to stopper, a new position for her which she gladly and more than competently stepped into. But the disadvantage in numbers didn’t discourage MV as their striking speed beat the Harps defense on a few occasions, and twice forcing keeper Marissa Bea into making critical and brilliant diving saves to keep Harps in the lead.

The second half found a Harps still eager to take full advantage of the extra player and kept sending in shots, albeit rarely did they force the keeper to make a save. Meanwhile, MV kept Harps defense in check, forcing Teresa Brink to bring her famous sliding tackles out of retirement, one of which was lucky not to result in an own goal. Some Harps players looked to be getting tired (or lazy), in particular, West, who was standing flat-footed inside the box when a lucky ball dropped to her feet and she took a crack on goal and getting as fortune would have it, the ball trickled through the keeper’s fingers for the second and final goal of the match. Harps defeat McKeons/Velocity 2-0.

Best for Harps: Aoife West, Erin Cullen & Ashley Bonnett

09/17/2011 – McKeon’s/Velocity v Tigers, 2-3

McKeon’s/Velocity v Tigers, 2-3

In a hard-fought, high-scoring, and unpredictable game, the Tigers defeated Mckeons/Velocity 3-2. Mckeons/Velocity took an early one-goal lead in the first half, using their speed and short passing game to foil the Tigers defense. Tigers keeper Amy Gufert was called upon to make several saves, including a top-of-the-box screamer that she pushed over the net with her fingertips. On the other end of the pitch, Tigers forward Sabita Krishnan outpaced the Mckeons/Velocity defense on numerous breakaways, forcing their keeper to make 1-on-1 takeaways.

With the start of the second half, the Tigers’ numeric advantage started to tell as their offense kicked into a higher gear, disrupting the Mckeons/Velocity defense with balls over the top and passes through the midfield. Although Alba Nemzer’s goal was called back for offsides, the Tigers could not be denied, scoring three goals in quick succession. Center mid Claire Booher led off the scoring run, shortly followed by Sabita Krishnan, who capitalized on a poor clearance to send the ball into the Mckeons/Velocity net. Midfielder Cate Jensen rounded out the tally with a long-range shot that sailed into the upper 90, well out of the reach of the keeper. Mckeons/Velocity attempted to get back in the game with a late goal, but the Tigers locked down further scoring opportunities through strong defensive work by Alex Griggs,  Alyssa Meyers, Brandy Peltz, and Kristina Tameta. 

Scorers for McKeons/Velocity were Maeve Redmond & Melissa Ryerson.

05/07/2011 – Ned Devine’s v Velocity, 4-0

Ned Devine’s v Velocity, 4-0

The May 7, 2011 game between Velocity and Ned Devine’s was played in gorgeous weather.  Velocity was short 3 players but played a killer passing game.  For Ned’s, Angela Russo scored from a long ball 40 yards out, her specialty!  At the start of the second half, Erin Tracy ran up the right side of the field with the ball and ran it right into the goal, sending it in from 20 yards out and putting Ned’s up 2-0.  Later that half, Michelle Kohut had two goals, one off a header sent in by a long cross from the right by Ned’s powerhouse forward, Maura Fitzsimmons.  Velocity moved the ball well and played an extremely competitive game, despite being down in numbers.  We encourage the continued building of all the teams in our league! 

04/09/2011 – Tigers v Velocity, 1-3

Tigers v Velocity, 1-3

This Saturday, the Tigers took on Velocity in a game of two halves. The first half was a struggle for the Tigers, who started with eight players and struggled to keep up with Velocity’s passing-centered attack. Despite Amy Gufert’s sterling work between the posts and strong defensive work by central defenders Van Hong and Alyssa Meyers and outside backs Brandy Peltz and Sidney Small, the Tigers went into the half down 2-0. With the addition of three players at half-time, the Tigers returned to the field full-force and ready to contest Velocity in the midfield. Although Velocity added one more to their tally in the second half, the Tigers successfully clogged passing lanes, with Amy Gufert making key stops on several breakaways. Alexis Hill coordinated the Tigers offense with skillful positioning and passing, making several forays towards net in combination with Claire Booher, Nisha Varia, and Kate. In her first appearance with the team, forward Gina Reyes stepped up big and scored on a looping shot to the upper 90. Late in the game, Alyssa Meyers had a chance to score on a direct free kick ten yards outside the area, but the Velocity keeper made a strong save to finish off the game as Velocity defeated the Tigers 3-1.