9/12/15 – Tigers v Phoenix (3-0)

The Tigers began the fall season with a match against Phoenix. A new formation gave the historically defensive team the offensive push they’ve been searching for. Ten minutes into the first half, the offense was able to push through the Phoenix defensive line. After a shot from Kianoosh Hashemzadeh was deflected, midfielder Alex Griggs spotted the keeper off her line and sent a sailing shot that glided over the Phoenix defense and into the goal.

Several minutes later, Griggs sent a diagonal pass to Hashemzadeh, who broke the defensive line once more, challenging the keeper one-on-one, this time finding the back of the net.

The Phoenix offense soon picked up, and they began making several challenges to the Tigers defense. Diane Sit held down the back line, thwarting numerous challenges, as Martha Mills chased down challenges from the line. A new goalkeeper for Tigers, Carly Sousa, proved her mettle as she made several crucial saves as the first half began to draw to a close.

However, the Tigers offense did not let up, and through balls sent by center midfielders, Nicole Daddazio and Caitlin McKenna, kept the Phoenix defense busy. Left wing Genevieve Knabel took advantage of a loose ball just outside the box, sending it up and into the upper corner of the goal, bringing the score to 3-0.

During the second half, Phoenix began challenging the Tigers goal with zeal, but the Tigers defense, under the leadership of Sousa and Sit did not allow a single goal.

The Tigers continued their offensive push till the end of the second half, with several more shots on goal, keeping the Phoenix defense on the chase.

(Match report submitted by Nisha Varia of Tigers.)

11/22/14 – Shield Final: Parlour FC v Tigers (2-1)

Parlour FC and Tigers took to the field for the 2014 Shield Final. While the sun brought some relief from the cold temperatures, the field was more like an ice skating rink for the initial part of the first half, upending players on both squads. The game would prove to be a tale of two halves.

The majority of PFC’s lineup was notably from the more “mature” side of their roster. Jane Kenney coached the squad after being sidelined with an injury a few weeks earlier. As the first half progressed, PFC started to get a good rhythm going and began to put some serious offensive pressure on the ball. Their hard work was rewarded when Liz Eles blasted a corner kick that magnificently curved into the goal thanks to both its power and the wind. Eles and Dinsiri Fikru worked tirelessly in the middle of the field, winning possession and distributing the ball artfully. Tigers’ keeper made some great saves but also injured her knee during one of the many scrums in front of the net. Thankfully she was able to continue. With just a few moments to the halftime whistle, Eles took a shot from distance that found the back of the net. The half ended with PFC up 2-0.

Tigers showed no let up in the second half. They seemed determined to do some damage of their own. And midway through the half they did just that and got themselves on the board with a nice goal by Kara Coughlin. Tigers nearly tied things up with a blast that keeper Susan Kistler skillfully saved. Still, they kept coming but Kistler, sweeper, Lucille Charles, outside defenders Maggie Bradley and Karen Lindsay as well as the never quitting Eles and Fikru held strong and made some great stops and plays. PFC was happy to have Joan Madden back on the pitch. However, even with Madden’s deft ball skills, she and the rest of the offense, Miss Gregory, Robin Grunder, Genevieve Aidala, and Erin Mendez were unable to convert some really close chances. When the final whistle sounded, PFC blew a collective sigh of relief and metaphorically raised the 2014 Shield.

Best for PFC: Susan Kistler, Liz Eles and Dinsiri Fikru.

10/25/14 – Bronx Ale v Tigers (4-0)

It was a beautiful fall day for soccer and despite the lopsided score it was a high energy and well contested match. Tigers played a strong first half, with excellent defending by Diane Sit, Alex Griggs, Linda Villarosa, Kara Coughlin, and Martha Mills protecting the center. Tigers frustrated Bronx Ale’s attempts to get open for shooting opportunities. However, Bronx Ale was able to score in the last minute of the first half by a shot from Lisa Dechance near the goal line.

In the second half, the Tigers found more offensive opportunities and goalkeeper Jen Trowbridge made some spectacular saves against repeated Bronx Ale attacks. But Bronx Ale was able to capitalize on corner kicks and two more goals were added by Cori Witkiewicz and Tina Cressent to end the game 4-0 in Bronx Ale’s favor.

10/18/14 – Tigers v Phoenix (0-6)

The Tigers faced off against Phoenix after a three week stretch away from playing. Tigers found more of their rhythm in the second half and made some threats on goal, including a beautiful shot by Diane Sit that sailed over the keeper’s head and looked sure to go in but improbably hit the post. Alex Griggs hustled to get the rebound but her shot went wide. Missing their usual goalkeeper, other members of the team tried their luck for the first time playing in goal. Phoenix dominated on the scoreboard with six goals including a hattrick by Eileen Egan, and teammates Linda McKeon scored 2 while Niamh Curristin had one.

09/27/14 – Harps v Tigers (1-0)

Harps scrambled together enough players to match Tigers’ 10 players just before kick off on a warm fall morning. Harps dominated possession in the first half applying constant pressure on Tigers defense, but were unable to put any threats on net. Tigers defense, led by Keeper Jen Trowbridge and Sweeper Diane Sit, kept the Harp’s attacks at bay allowing midfielder Kianoosh Hashemzadeh to press the Harps defense. Harps’ defense did well to block any efforts by Tigers, despite the arrival of Sawako Fukuchi giving them a player advantage and sparing Harps’ stand-in keeper Sharee Goodson from having to perform any heroics. The half ended scoreless.

Harps’ Alexis Lilly stepped between the posts for Harps in the second half. Solid holding and attacking efforts by Suzy Malone, Aoife West and Joelle Gozlan kept Harps in control in the second half. But it was Harps’ center half Erin Cullen who stepped up to send in a perfectly placed corner kick that led to a melee in the six yard box with Gozlan creating pressure that resulted in the only goal of the game. Despite strong offensive attacks, including impressive shots from newcomers Laura Kaplan and Genevieve Knabel, Tigers were unable to even the score. Running on fumes, Harps were able to hold off Tigers’ attacks to walk away with the 3 points.

Best for Harps: Erin Cullen & Suzy Malone with special mentions to Sharee Goodson and Alexis Lilly for volunteering their skills in goal.

Best for Tigers: Goalkeeper Jen Trowbridge, with strong showings by newcomers Genevieve Knabel and Laura Kaplan.

09/20/14 – Parlour FC v Tigers (5-0)

Parlour FC started strong against a slightly disorganized Tigers. Less than 10 minutes into the game, Liz Eles collected the ball at midfield and passed to Pearl Odu who, with precise placement, slotted the ball around the keeper into the net. Later in the half, returning player, Julia Bradley-Cook, moved the ball up the field around multiple Tigers, finding Robin Grunder in front of the goal. Grunder sent the ball to Dinsiri Fikru who deftly scored PFC’s second goal. Tigers regrouped and applied much more defensive pressure, evening out the tempo. But PFC was clicking on all cylinders resulting in Eles blasting a corner kick that Bradley-Cook dummied at the top of the box allowing Odu to collect her second goal and giving PFC a 3-0 lead at the half.

With the wind advantage, Tigers had stronger offense in the second half led by Kara Coughlin, Kianoosh Hashemzadeh and newcomer Sam Jiyung Roh. Still, PFC kept up the pressure and Eles struck the ball with tremendous force into the box which was redirected into the goal by a Tigers’ defender who was making a strong attempt to clear the ball. PFC scored one more when Odu, just over the midfield line, launched the ball into the upper 90 to complete her hat trick. Tigers made several attempts on goal but were unable to find the net, but PFC kept them off the board while demonstrating crisp passing and field position throughout the game. Final score 5-0.

Best for PFC: Pearl Odu and Julia Bradley-Cook.

09/13/14 – Tigers v Beal Bocht (0-5)

The Tigers faced off with Beal Bocht on a cool Saturday morning. Despite missing their goalkeeper and playing one woman short, the team played a strong game, moving the ball well. Brandy Peltz, Cortney Worrall, Diane Sit, and Sidney Small saved several balls while Sabita Krishnan and Kara Coughlin protected the center. The Tigers lost with a shutout that didn’t reflect their consistent and well-played effort.
Beal Bocht’s goals were produced by Allison Williams-2, Ana Patedjl-2, Maura Ribbons-1

09/06/14 – Tigers v McKeon’s (1-0)

The Tigers opened the fall season against McKeon’s on a hot, humid morning. They played a strong defensive game and welcomed the return of keeper Jen Trowbridge whose keen judgment and quick reflexes left McKeon’s unable to find the net. Kianoosh Hashemzadeh, Sabita Krishnan, Alexis Hill, and Linda Villarosa anchored the team in the center of the field, allowing the Tigers to push more offensively in the second half. The Tigers made a deep run, and as the McKeon’s keeper came out, Hashemzadeh made an assist to Shelly Weber who scored the Tiger’s winning goal.