10/25/14 – McKeon’s v NYC United (8-0)

NYC United started with 7 to McKeon’s full side and put up a good fight despite the scoreline. McKeon’s was led by Meave Redmond with 4 goals including a first half hat trick. Melissa Ryerson also notched a hat trick with a goal in the first half and two in the second along added by Kelly O’Neil’s one goal gave McKeon’s a convincing 8-0 win. NYC United finished the game with 10 it just wasn’t enough to put a dent in McKeon’s healthy lead.

10/18/14 – Beal Bocht v NYC United (9-2)

Beal Bocht had a convincing win over NYC United with a 9-2 tally. Goals by Beal Bocht were provided by Renata Ciampi-1 (BB), Stephanie Bush-1 (BB), Angela Russo-2 (BB), Sarah McBride-2 (BB) and Chanelle Ranglin-3 (BB). NYC United’s goals were not reported.

09/27/14 – NYC United v Bronx Ale (0-4)

NYC United got off to a late start and a goal down against Bronx Ale due to their short numbers. Both teams ended up playing short of eleven due to multiple injuries or earl departures. Bronx Ale’s Kat Murphy scored early in the first half and Stephanie Nava added a second goal for a 3-0 lead at the half.

Despite the fewer number of players on the field, both teams kept attacking. Bronx Ale’s defense, anchored by Elyse Hanley, was up to the challenge and thwarted United’s momentum allowing only a few long range shots. Tina Cressent scored the final goal in the second half after some nice passing up front. Bronx Ale wins with a 4-0 shutout.

09/20/14 – Harps v NYC United (5-0)

A short-sided Harps had a slight numbers advantage when facing an also short sided NYC United on a breezy fall morning. Harps came out pressuring immediately. A few threats on goal were averted by United until Amy Jackson made a penetrating run down the left flank sending in a beautiful cross to Suzy Malone who made contact but was aided by a defender resulting in an own goal. Harps’ defense was solid keeping United’s threats to a minimum, especially once they were full-sided. Harps’ defender Erin Cullen won possession of a United clearance just past midfield and took a shot from about 30 yards out and with the assistance of an unpredictable bounce, notched the Harps’ second goal ending the half at 2-0.

NYC United came out feisty in the second half, but Harps’ back line stayed strong to keep them off the board. Joelle Gozlan and Tricia Reed Geraghty were a constant threat up top and the duo succeeded with Geraghty assisting Gozlan on two goals. Gozlan made another attack that was initially blocked but Geraghty rebounded for the fifth and final goal of the match.

Best for Harps: Joelle Gozlan & Tricia Reed Geraghty