10/22/11 – Harps v Neds

Another perfect day for soccer Saturday, sunny with light winds. After a loss to Neds before the fall season opener, Harps were looking to even the score. The match kicked off with Harps putting on immediate pressure with solid possession and threats on goal. Neds weren’t without their own attacks, but were unable to penetrate Harps’ defense. It was a Harps’ attack up the left flank when Sandra Carolan sent a precision cross in for an Amy Rinehart clinical finish putting Harps in the lead. Their opponents didn’t sit quiet for long as their own assault on goal forced Marissa Bea to fully outstretch to get a tip of the ball sending it wide and brilliantly denying Neds.

The second half showcased Harps’ ability to maintain possession and composure. Even while under pressure, their defense never panicked and succeeded in clearing the danger. The offense also maintained pressure on Neds’ goal with Rinehart lofting in several crosses, which ended in narrowly missed finishes. One such recipient of a Rinehart perfect cross was Ruth Moskowitz who received the ball on the far post and managed to put it beyond the keeper and the open net. But Harps were relentless when Suzy Malone drove up the left flank and sent a cross in for Carolan to tap home a second goal. Harps defeat Neds 2-0, cutting three points from Neds’ second place lead.

Best for Harps: Amy Rinehart & Sandra Carolan.

05/07/2011 – Ned Devine’s v Velocity, 4-0

Ned Devine’s v Velocity, 4-0

The May 7, 2011 game between Velocity and Ned Devine’s was played in gorgeous weather.  Velocity was short 3 players but played a killer passing game.  For Ned’s, Angela Russo scored from a long ball 40 yards out, her specialty!  At the start of the second half, Erin Tracy ran up the right side of the field with the ball and ran it right into the goal, sending it in from 20 yards out and putting Ned’s up 2-0.  Later that half, Michelle Kohut had two goals, one off a header sent in by a long cross from the right by Ned’s powerhouse forward, Maura Fitzsimmons.  Velocity moved the ball well and played an extremely competitive game, despite being down in numbers.  We encourage the continued building of all the teams in our league! 

04/16/2011 – Ned Devine’s v Tigers, 1-0

Ned Devine’s v Tigers, 1-0

During the April 16, 2011 game between Ned Devine’s and Tigers, Ned’s captured the win with a score of 1 – 0.  Ned’s was short their two top goalies and they had to pull in defender, Tara Webber, who played a great game in goal and, like always, played the role Ned’s needed her to play.  Tigers played tight man to man defense on Ned’s offensive line proving to be a true defensive force, with Amy Gufert always playing strong in goal.  However, Ned’s pulled off the win with a blistering goal from powerhouse, Maura Fitzsimmons, assisted by Angela Russo, the strong and steady center midfielder.  Ned’s has been struggling to have a consistent goalie but has shown great promise by winning their first two games.


On a cold and windy Saturday, the Tigers dug themselves in a hole by conceding a goal to Neds within the first ten minutes. With tenacious play and a number of fingertip saves, keeper Amy Gufert kept Neds off the score sheet for the rest of the game. Forwards Claire Booher and Sabita Krishnan held the ball well up top, taking pressure off Tigers defense and creating chances in the final third. Left mid Cate Jensen, in her second game with the Tigers, used her powerful shot to challenge the Neds keeper from outside the area. Alexis Hill, Teri Chargualaf, and Laura Anselmi Miller provided support through the midfield and sparked several runs down the right flank. Neds emerged stronger in the second half, placing pressure on Tigers defense with probing runs towards the endline. Despite winning corner kicks and applying high-energy offense towards the end of the game, Neds failed to convert, thanks in part to the defensive work of Courtney, Lauren Pessin, Alexis Hill, Alyssa Meyers and Sidney Small. In a gritty and unpredictable game, the Tigers continued to build cohesion and develop offensive and defensive rapport as they fell to Neds 1-0.

 Goal Scorer: Maura Fitzsimmons for Neds

04/09/2011 – McKeon’s v Ned Devines, 3-4

McKeon’s v Ned Devine’s, 3-4

The 4/9/2011 match between Ned Devine’s and McKeon’s was a competitive start to the Spring season.  Making this match-up especially interesting is that many players from both teams used to play together on Ned Devine’s.  In fact, the core players of both teams once comprised the 2007 BISL Championship Team when Ned’s defeated Dr. Gilbert’s (now Bronx Ale House) in the final mintutes from a blistering goal by Jen Reck, who is still a part of the Ned’s community.  McKeon’s split-off has been a positive move for the league’s success.  We are encourageing more women to participate in the Bronx Irish Soccer League.   In this Saturday’s game, Ned’s dominated the first half with two goals from Maura Fitzsimmons and two from Michelle Kohut, respectively.   The second half, McKeon’s made a strong come back and the game finished with a close score of 4 – 3.  Megan Catalogna played goal for Ned’s.  The atmosphere on the field was competitive and friendly with compliments from both sides to their opponents.  It was a good game to get the kinks out.  Go BISL!!!!!