05/31/14 – Harps v McKeon’s (3-0)

Harps faced a short sided McKeon’s with a late start on a sunny, windy morning in the Bronx. Harps started out shaky against the wind giving away possession on some sloppy passing. After settling down, Harps turned up the pressure with precision plays and Maria Martinez fed a pass to Aoife West who expertly finished for the first goal of the match. Penetrating runs up the flank by Vanessa Greene paid off just minutes later as she sent in a cross to West waiting hungrily for her second strike of the half. Despite the number disadvantage, McKeon’s kept up the good fight forcing Harps midfielders West, Greene and Suzy Malone to track back on defense. West in particular made some key defensive tackles. The half ended with Harps up 2 goals to none.

McKeon’s was just one player down in the second half, and while unable to pose a serious threat to the Harps’ goal, defended very well. Harps were not shy about shooting at goal, especially with the wind advantage, but McKeon’s Erin Dahms made some great saves stepping in from sweeper to keeper. Although McKeon’s demonstrated some great passing and were able to bring the ball close to Harps’ goal a few times but were unsuccessful getting past the strong Harps’ defense. Greene collected the ball in the midfield late in the game and taking the advice of defender Teresa Brink to shoot from about 25 yards out, sent a driving ball through a crowd of defenders to beat the goalie for the third and final goal of the match.

Best for Harps: Aoife West, Vanessa Greene

04/12/14 – NYC United v McKeon’s (0-2)

McKeon’s defeated NYC United 2-0. All players agreed that it was a great game to have played on a perfect spring day. Goals were supplied by Sally Taylor and Maeve Redmond while Marie-Clare played great in goal for McKeon’s at the other end.

Best for McKeon’s: Marie-Clare Devlin

04/05/14 – McKeon’s v Beal Bocht (1-1)

This was a very well-balanced game.  Both teams took turns attacking as well as defending. Although there were quite a few shots on goal, only one made the net for each team, resulting on a tie.

Best for McKeon’s: Sandra Byrne and Melissa Ryerson

10/26/13 – Harps v McKeon’s (8-0)

McKeon’s fielded just the minimum 7 players against Harps. A skilled side, they just didn’t have the numbers to battle Harps and went down quickly with an Aoife West to Jess Bacon goal for the opener. Shortly after, Bacon fed Samantha Kee a ball for the first goal of her first-half hattrick. Erin Cullen assisted West and Kee’s final 2 goals closed the half at 5-0 to the Harps.

Harps focused on passing and possession in the second half. Despite the scoreline and the number disadvantage, McKeon’s never let up or lost interest and produced some threatening attacks but were unable to capitalize on their chances. Harps added to the tally with goals by Tricia Reed, Sharee Goodson and Teresa Brink the latter two defenders pushed forward stepping out of their comfort zone. McKeon’s put in a truly tremendous performance who at full numbers would have been a force to reckon with. Final score 8-0.

Harps Goals (and assists):

1. 04 Jess (Aoife)
2. 13 Sam (Jess)
3. 15 Aoife (Erin)
4. 23 Sam (Teresa)
5. 47 Sam (Anastasia)
6. 55 Tricia (Jess)
7. 57 Sharee (Teresa)
8. 66 Teresa (unassisted)

10/05/13 – NYC United v McKeon’s (4-4)

NYC United and McKeon’s drew 4-4.  Goals for United include one each from Kristina Bonamo and Kianoosh Hashemzedah plus two from Denielle Patterson. Goals for McKeon’s included a hattrick by Maeve Redmond and one goal by Megan Baggott.

09/28/13 – Parlour FC v McKeon’s (7-0)

PFC welcomed back two of the team’s stalwart players, Chenelle Geoffroy and Andrea Gonzalez, as they took on McKeon’s on a beautiful September morning. McKeon’s came out strong, but PFC quickly settled in with sustained smart passes and solid communication. The first half saw PFC go against recent form and score early. Geoffroy had a stellar homecoming, putting up a hat trick. Liz Eles added a goal before the halftime whistle blew.

By the second half, McKeon’s had a full side and looked to turn up their offensive attack. PFC was able to hold them off and got three more goals; one from Fatou Dibba, one from Gonzalez and the other from Miss Gregory, who was set up by a beautiful assist from Dibba. PFC’s defense had an outstanding game and Gregory and Jodi Andrews combined for a clean sheet.

Best for PFC Chenelle Geoffroy and Karen Lindsey.