12/08/12 – League Cup Final Beal Bocht v Parlour FC (2-1) [Beal Bocht DQ’d]

Parlour FC met Beal Bocht for the League Cup Final on a damp December morning. Due to the previous night’s rain the game was played on the turf field in the stadium. The first half saw Beal Bocht get on the board with a header into the back of the net. The play shifted back and forth throughout the rest of the half but neither side was able to break open the scoring.

The second half began with PFC pressuring the ball but still unable to get one past Beal Bocht’s skillful keeper. Beal Bocht capitalized on a back ball that was out of the PFC goalie’s reach, allowing the oncoming attacking player to score. PFC was down 2 goals down. With less than 10 minutes left, a long ball from PFC’s central midfielder Pearl Odu found Agnes Hitimina on the right flank who fed forward Fatou Diba on the opposite side of the field. Diba then dribbled in and out-maneuvered Beal Bocht’s goalie pulling PFC within one. PFC tried desperately to find an equalizer but fell short. The final whistle sounded leaving the score 2-1 and Beal Bocht as champions of the 2012 League Cup.

11/17/12 – Harps v Beal Bocht (4-1)

The second and third place teams battled it out for the second place spot, with a hopeful eye on finishing first.  Beal Bocht came out strong and fast in the first half putting immediate pressure on Harps’ defense.  Beal Bocht drew a foul just outside the 18 yard box and Angela Russo clinically placed the ball out of Harps’ keeper Marissa Bea’s reach.  Harps countered the pressure and were rewarded when a lovely cross from Samantha Kee was met by Suzy Malone who put a well timed touch on the ball for the equalizer.  Both sides produced impressive end to end attacking which was met with equally impenetrable defense, Bea making a particularly spectacular save to keep the score level at one all going into the break.

Harps came out the stronger side in the second period, controlling possession by stringing together superb passes to deny Beal Bocht the offensive opportunities they had in the first half.  The tally increased for Harps when Marie Glennon assisted Britt Boigris who shepherded in a less than memorable finish.  Boigris struck again after receiving another service from Glennon to widen Harps’ lead.  Harps never let up and the final goal was the result of a Kee’s second assist to Malone to end the game at 4-1 as Harps leapfrog Beal Bocht to end the 2012 season in second place.
Best for Harps:  Marie Glennon & Britt Boigris

11/10/12 – Bronx Ale v Beal Bocht (1-1)

Bronx Ale (BAH) met Beal Bocht (fka Luke’s) in a hard fought challenge. Beal Bocht started down two players allowing BAH to dominate possession in the first half. BAH’s Tina Cressent scored the first goal as the result of some nice passing and switching the field. Angela Russo scored from the top of the box for Beal Bocht shortly before the halftime whistle.

Beal Bocht added a tenth player to start the second half, but BAH continued to benefit from the advantage, connecting well and maintaining grip on possession. Beal Bocht’s Liz Lop had an outstanding game in the goal to hold BAH to just the lone goal allowing her team to notch a point.

10/6/12 – Luke’s v Tigers (3-0)

Tigers lost 3-0 to Luke’s. Sawako Fukuchi and Sabita Krishnan did a good job getting the ball up the field to put pressure on the opposing team’s defense. Melanie Cash and Alexandra Griggs played a solid game on defense. Luke’s goals were scored by Maura Fitzsimmons, Angela Russo, and Stephanie Bush.

09/22/12 – Phoenix v Luke’s (0-3)

Luke’s and Phoenix 3-0. Both sides were equally matched in the first half with each team having numerous chances to score but neither could convert. Luke’s finally broke down the Phoenix defense with 2 quick goals early in the second half. Phoenix could not capitalize on any of their chances and Luke’s finally added a third goal to seal the victory.

09/15/12 – Parlour FC v Luke’s (8-1)

Parlour FC started the game with ten players to Luke’s eight. Both teams added one additional player prior to halftime. During the opening half PFC scored four goals, one for Agnes Hitimana and a hat trick for Fatou Diba. Luke’s scored once putting the score at 4-1 at the half.

The second half saw two more goals for Diba and one for PFC’s forward, Michelle Eisenberg. Despite the score, the game was quite competitive with Luke’s taking numerous shots on goal. PFC’s sweeper Lucille Charles led a spirited defense. Miss Gregory, PFC’s keeper, had a great game and was able to keep Luke’s from finding the back of the net in the second half.

The final score was 8-1 when PFC was awarded a late-start goal.

06/09/12 – Harps v Luke’s (0-2)

A full-sided Harps met a short-sided Luke’s at the kick-off. Despite the number disadvantage, Luke’s put pressure on Harps straight away. Precision passing and skilled off-the-ball runs forced Harps’ keeper Marissa Bea and defender Teresa Brink make heroic saves to deny Luke’s. Harps were unable to keep the ball out of their defensive half when speedy Luke’s striker Jessie Garcia got on the right side of a through ball and placed it perfectly out of Bea’s reach. Luke’s kept the pressure on Harps’ defense throughout the half and Maura Fitzsimmons capitalized on some confusion at the top of the 18 yard box by slipping the ball through the crowd and into the back of the net.

Harps increased their possession in the second half, and the defense kept the ball out of the net, but failed to challenge Luke’s keeper, Alison Leydon, to make any saves. Luke’s skill, fitness and speed earned them the well deserved three points and top spot on the table.

Best for Harps: Marissa Bea