Bronx Ale House

Team History

Championship Winner: 2011, 2013

Championship Runner Up: 2010

League Winners: 2003, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2013

HARDWARE: The Bronx Ale House lost to PFC in the League Semi-Finals at the end of the 2012 season. BAH ended with 19 points and finished fourth in the League standings. The team had a great 2011 season capturing the League Championship and finished second in the League with 33 points. In 2010 Bronx Ale finished as runners-up in the Knock Out Cup and won the League with 36 points. The team won the League with the most points in the 2008, 2006 and 2003 season as well.

TEAM: The Ale House is made up of a variety of players, some who have been in the BISL for 10+ years and others who are just now entering their 1st or 2nd season. Many of the players have high school or college playing experience, while other have never touched a soccer ball before they joined the team! As one of the teams without a coach or weekly training sessions, the players pull together every week to play a competitive match.

SPONSORSHIP: The Bronx Ale House took over sponsorship of the team in the spring of 2010 until spring of 2012. The pub is located on 238th Street in the Bronx. The team’s previous sponsor, Dr. Gilbert’s Café, now Gleeson’s, sponsored the team from 2004-2009 before it closed. The team’s original sponsor was An Beal Bocht Café also located on 238th Street in the Bronx from 1994 until 2004. The team has been extremely lucky to have such continued local support.

HISTORY: The An Beal Bocht Café team was originally formed in the spring of 1994 by a group of Gaelic Football players. The founding members were Mary Touhey, Orla Doyle, Ella Lowbridge, Brenda Walsh and Anne Hanrahan. Mary and Anne had transferred from the Sam Maguires team and Ella and Orla from the Inishfree team. Brenda had just arrived from Ireland and Ella was appointed manager and coach. Dermot Burke sponsored the team and members were recruited from both the Irish community living in the Bronx and the team made an effort to grow the league to include women from other communities as well.