9/12/15 – Tigers v Phoenix (3-0)

The Tigers began the fall season with a match against Phoenix. A new formation gave the historically defensive team the offensive push they’ve been searching for. Ten minutes into the first half, the offense was able to push through the Phoenix defensive line. After a shot from Kianoosh Hashemzadeh was deflected, midfielder Alex Griggs spotted the keeper off her line and sent a sailing shot that glided over the Phoenix defense and into the goal.

Several minutes later, Griggs sent a diagonal pass to Hashemzadeh, who broke the defensive line once more, challenging the keeper one-on-one, this time finding the back of the net.

The Phoenix offense soon picked up, and they began making several challenges to the Tigers defense. Diane Sit held down the back line, thwarting numerous challenges, as Martha Mills chased down challenges from the line. A new goalkeeper for Tigers, Carly Sousa, proved her mettle as she made several crucial saves as the first half began to draw to a close.

However, the Tigers offense did not let up, and through balls sent by center midfielders, Nicole Daddazio and Caitlin McKenna, kept the Phoenix defense busy. Left wing Genevieve Knabel took advantage of a loose ball just outside the box, sending it up and into the upper corner of the goal, bringing the score to 3-0.

During the second half, Phoenix began challenging the Tigers goal with zeal, but the Tigers defense, under the leadership of Sousa and Sit did not allow a single goal.

The Tigers continued their offensive push till the end of the second half, with several more shots on goal, keeping the Phoenix defense on the chase.

(Match report submitted by Nisha Varia of Tigers.)