11/22/14 – Shield Final: Parlour FC v Tigers (2-1)

Parlour FC and Tigers took to the field for the 2014 Shield Final. While the sun brought some relief from the cold temperatures, the field was more like an ice skating rink for the initial part of the first half, upending players on both squads. The game would prove to be a tale of two halves.

The majority of PFC’s lineup was notably from the more “mature” side of their roster. Jane Kenney coached the squad after being sidelined with an injury a few weeks earlier. As the first half progressed, PFC started to get a good rhythm going and began to put some serious offensive pressure on the ball. Their hard work was rewarded when Liz Eles blasted a corner kick that magnificently curved into the goal thanks to both its power and the wind. Eles and Dinsiri Fikru worked tirelessly in the middle of the field, winning possession and distributing the ball artfully. Tigers’ keeper made some great saves but also injured her knee during one of the many scrums in front of the net. Thankfully she was able to continue. With just a few moments to the halftime whistle, Eles took a shot from distance that found the back of the net. The half ended with PFC up 2-0.

Tigers showed no let up in the second half. They seemed determined to do some damage of their own. And midway through the half they did just that and got themselves on the board with a nice goal by Kara Coughlin. Tigers nearly tied things up with a blast that keeper Susan Kistler skillfully saved. Still, they kept coming but Kistler, sweeper, Lucille Charles, outside defenders Maggie Bradley and Karen Lindsay as well as the never quitting Eles and Fikru held strong and made some great stops and plays. PFC was happy to have Joan Madden back on the pitch. However, even with Madden’s deft ball skills, she and the rest of the offense, Miss Gregory, Robin Grunder, Genevieve Aidala, and Erin Mendez were unable to convert some really close chances. When the final whistle sounded, PFC blew a collective sigh of relief and metaphorically raised the 2014 Shield.

Best for PFC: Susan Kistler, Liz Eles and Dinsiri Fikru.