11/08/14 – Parlour FC v Phoenix (3-0)

On a cold but sunny morning, PFC took on Phoenix. PFC started a goal up due to a late start. Phoenix had 8 players to PFC’s 10. (I think they had 8 it might have been 7) The first half saw a fast start from Phoenix before PFC settled in and started to string some passes together and build up its offensive attack. Although PFC had many chances, the Phoenix keeper played well and denied PFC from adding to the score. It was PFC who started quickly in the second half when a well timed blast from sweeper Jodi Andrews found Fatou Dibba onside. Dibba ran on to the ball and tapped it around the oncoming keeper. Later in the half, PFC was awarded a free kick. Pearl Odu took a hard shot that the keeper punched out. Odu was able to get the rebound, dribble to the end line and slot a pass toward the front of the goal that Liz Eles knocked in. PFC had a close call after a corner kick by Eles was perfectly headed by Odu but the Phoenix keeper made a goal line save. Phoenix played well the entire game despite being shortsided. PFC’s keeper, Susan Kistler, kept a clean sheet for the match. Best for PFC Pearl Odu and Fatou Dibba.