10/25/14 – Bronx Ale v Tigers (4-0)

It was a beautiful fall day for soccer and despite the lopsided score it was a high energy and well contested match. Tigers played a strong first half, with excellent defending by Diane Sit, Alex Griggs, Linda Villarosa, Kara Coughlin, and Martha Mills protecting the center. Tigers frustrated Bronx Ale’s attempts to get open for shooting opportunities. However, Bronx Ale was able to score in the last minute of the first half by a shot from Lisa Dechance near the goal line.

In the second half, the Tigers found more offensive opportunities and goalkeeper Jen Trowbridge made some spectacular saves against repeated Bronx Ale attacks. But Bronx Ale was able to capitalize on corner kicks and two more goals were added by Cori Witkiewicz and Tina Cressent to end the game 4-0 in Bronx Ale’s favor.