10/25/14 – Phoenix v Harps (0-3)

Another sunny and generous fall day played host to the Harps v Phoenix face-off. Both teams started off short of the 11 but Harps had a slight edge on numbers and came out attacking. Constant pressure on the Phoenix defense by Harps’ striker Joelle Gozlan resulted in a clumsy clearance by the keeper Jules Krause to draw a free kick just outside the 18. Aoife West stepped up for a expertly placed free that was shepherded into the net by Maria Martinez. Multiple attempts on goal came from threatening combinations between Harps newcomer Melissa Belardi and Amy Jackson as well as a rocket shot by Erin Cullen which was brilliantly guided over the bar by Krause. The half ended 1-0 to Harps.

Harps continued to be aggressive in the second half and Cullen not only demonstrated excellent defense but also initiated Harps’ attacks from the back line and positioning her for another chance at goal after settling a rebounded ball and ripping it past the keeper to give Harps a 2-0 lead. Phoenix had several counterattacks but Harps defense shut them down without consequence. One final effort by Harps was initiated when Teresa Brink headed a ball forward to the foot of Belardi who took the keeper on and slotted home the third and final goal of the match.

Best for Harps: Melissa Belardi and Erin Cullen