09/20/14 – Parlour FC v Tigers (5-0)

Parlour FC started strong against a slightly disorganized Tigers. Less than 10 minutes into the game, Liz Eles collected the ball at midfield and passed to Pearl Odu who, with precise placement, slotted the ball around the keeper into the net. Later in the half, returning player, Julia Bradley-Cook, moved the ball up the field around multiple Tigers, finding Robin Grunder in front of the goal. Grunder sent the ball to Dinsiri Fikru who deftly scored PFC’s second goal. Tigers regrouped and applied much more defensive pressure, evening out the tempo. But PFC was clicking on all cylinders resulting in Eles blasting a corner kick that Bradley-Cook dummied at the top of the box allowing Odu to collect her second goal and giving PFC a 3-0 lead at the half.

With the wind advantage, Tigers had stronger offense in the second half led by Kara Coughlin, Kianoosh Hashemzadeh and newcomer Sam Jiyung Roh. Still, PFC kept up the pressure and Eles struck the ball with tremendous force into the box which was redirected into the goal by a Tigers’ defender who was making a strong attempt to clear the ball. PFC scored one more when Odu, just over the midfield line, launched the ball into the upper 90 to complete her hat trick. Tigers made several attempts on goal but were unable to find the net, but PFC kept them off the board while demonstrating crisp passing and field position throughout the game. Final score 5-0.

Best for PFC: Pearl Odu and Julia Bradley-Cook.