09/06/14 – Beal Bocht v Harps (2-0)

Harps met the league leaders Beal Bocht on the opening fall match played on one of the hottest and most humid days of the year. Beal Bocht came out strong and feisty while Harps were initiating a few new players were just trying to find their rhythm. Once they settled down, Harps made some threatening attacks but struggled to finish. Joelle Gozlan was particularly solid in the half with her skillful maneuvers and runs on and off the ball. Without the relief of subs, Harps were struggling to maintain possession putting the defense under attack. Beal Bocht attacked down the right side and after making a few key passes midfielder Aine O’Dwyer expertly struck the ball which ended up inside the near post just out of reach of Harps’ keeper Megan Hare. The half was a welcome break for Harps ending down 0-1.

Harps got a bit of a second wind in the second half, and newcomer Kate McGrath had a fantastic left footed shot on goal stretching Beal Bocht’s keeper Liz Lips to make the save. Harps kept pressing, but fatigue gradually set in and Beal Bocht took advantage in a counter attack and Allison Williams slotted home a second insurance goal when Harps defense couldn’t get back in time. A solid performance by both squads in the season opener giving Beal Bocht the three points with a 2-0 win.

Best for Harps: Joelle Gozlan, Kate McGrath