06/07/14 – Tigers v Harps (0-4)

Harps and Tigers battled on a late hot and sunny summer morning.  Harps immediately started to connecting precision passes to control the tempo of the game. Attacking runs came out of the midfield to threaten Tigers’ goal.  The first goal came about 8 minutes in when Dayana Gordillo fed a ball to a waiting Amber Waery who drilled it past the keeper.  Harps midfielders Casey Sommers and Waery provided beautiful crosses while the defense was impenetrable with Erin Cullen at center back.  Despite the large number of shots by Harps, Tigers’ defense held the score at 1-0 going into the break.

Harps continued to produce clinical passing combinations in the second half to dominate possession.  Jessica Bacon demonstrated solid control and distribution for Harps, while Britt-Mari Boirgris tirelessly ran down and fought for balls to keep the offensive chances coming.  In the 51st minute, Harps’ Marie Glennon tapped in a rebound off Suzy Malone’s shot to make it 2-0.  Boirgris’ hardworking efforts paid off when she stripped the ball off of Tigers’ defense and taking a shot on goal which was subsequently dropped by the keeper into the net in the 64th minute.  Harps never stopped challenging Tigers’ defense and were again rewarded when Cullen sent a ball to Waery for another perfect finish for bookend her goals. The final score was 4-0.

Best for Harps:  Amber Waery, Jessica Bacon, Britt-Mari Boirgris