05/31/14 – Parlour FC v Beal Bocht (0-2)

On an incredibly windy day Parlour FC met An Beal Bocht in a game were the elements had a real impact on the ball. The match saw skilled play from both sides and both keepers were up to the task. Even with the wind, PFC was unable to score in the first half but not for lack of trying. Midfielder Pearl Odu had some great chances that were so very close to finding the net. At halftime the game was scoreless.

PFC did well in the second half but again could not get on the score sheet. Odu had a masterful blast that bounced of the top of the frame but somehow didn’t cross the goal line. Beal Bocht was able to score two goals, off a set piece and the other during the run of play. Goals for Beal Bocht were from Chanelle Ranglin and Stephanie Bush.

Best for PFC midfielders Pearl Odu and Dinsiri Fikru.