12/08/12 – League Cup Final Beal Bocht v Parlour FC (2-1) [Beal Bocht DQ’d]

Parlour FC met Beal Bocht for the League Cup Final on a damp December morning. Due to the previous night’s rain the game was played on the turf field in the stadium. The first half saw Beal Bocht get on the board with a header into the back of the net. The play shifted back and forth throughout the rest of the half but neither side was able to break open the scoring.

The second half began with PFC pressuring the ball but still unable to get one past Beal Bocht’s skillful keeper. Beal Bocht capitalized on a back ball that was out of the PFC goalie’s reach, allowing the oncoming attacking player to score. PFC was down 2 goals down. With less than 10 minutes left, a long ball from PFC’s central midfielder Pearl Odu found Agnes Hitimina on the right flank who fed forward Fatou Diba on the opposite side of the field. Diba then dribbled in and out-maneuvered Beal Bocht’s goalie pulling PFC within one. PFC tried desperately to find an equalizer but fell short. The final whistle sounded leaving the score 2-1 and Beal Bocht as champions of the 2012 League Cup.